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The Waterberg Wild Dogs den has been a great source of excitement for both the project’s team, conservationists as well as Wild Dog experts. Not only does this den mean that the last remaining pack of free-roaming Wild Dogs in South Africa are growing but this offers experts a unique opportunity to study these mysterious ‘Painted Wolves’.

As a wild-roaming pack’s den has never been filmed, documented or studied before, this is an incredible opportunity. The Alpha female has already given birth but we have as yet to see the pups. The size of the litter is also still unknown but we are keeping a watchful eye on when they take their first steps out of the den and into the new and unfamiliar world and will be sure to share the footage with you.

It is now more important than ever to protect this pack and their unique genetic genes! Take a look at the video below and please share to as many people as you can. Together, we can change the course of an entire species!

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