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Folks, I am ecstatic to share the BIG news! After a very frustrating week I dare say, we finally had a massively rewarding afternoon!

At exactly 17:07, 23 July, I was blessed with a splendid first viewing of the Waterberg Painted Wolf puppies! All was captured on the den camera!! I do apologize for the bad quality pictures in this post, which most certainly does not do the moment justice! The only way of getting something out to you quickly though, was to snap pictures of the camera monitor with my cellphone.

I was laying hidden away under a massive boulder, about 100 meters away from the den (that’s how far my current images transmission system will allow), monitoring a painfully still camera view on my tablet. I was staring at the screen for over two and a half hours already, with no activity at the den, not even a curious bird – just a dead image. The trouble is, one has to manually set the camera recording via remote, as film cameras have no built-in motion detection features. The files are so big, that one cannot leave it recording either, as the cards will be full in no time.

To be honest, when my eye finally saw the flick of a tiny tail’s white tip, and I knew that it meant pups, I had a really hard time containing myself! The excitement was overwhelming as you can imagine! Glued to the screen, I could make out about three little bundles of cuteness moving around in the den entrance. There are a minimum af four pups, but no more that eight I’d say. They played around inside for a while, but as their confidence slowly grew, they ventured outside! For those wondering, mom was keeping a good lookout!

Waterberg Wild Dog Puppies

As time went on, the sight on my screen just got better and better. Sorry to tease you, but you will have to wait until Wednesday to see the processed video…

Waterberg Wild Dog Puppies

Waterberg Wild Dog Puppies

Here is a bit of backstory as to why this afternoon’s breakthrough is so fantastic. Last week Wednesday, I set up a camera at the den for the first time, and for some reason, the external power supply disconnected after an hour – so no footage. The following morning, my very expensive drone crashed – no more aerial footage for the rest of the week! Friday, I find the den camera chewed up – still no den footage and getting concerned! Saturday, we made a secure box for my last remaining camera. Sunday, there was absolutely no activity during daylight hours, and when I fetched the camera, the adult dogs had ripped out and chewed up my R5, 000 microphone during the night! But, after this afternoon’s wonderful session, my spirits are sky-high again!

Waterberg Wild Dog Puppies

Anyway…long story short, we are all incredibly relieved and thankful that the pups are alive and well, and that the pack’s breeding is a success so far. Not only that, but also that footage has finally been captured of the Waterberg Pack raising pups. Watch this space…exciting content on the way!!!

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