Waterberg Wild Dog puppies
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With the cold fronts that have been continuously battering South Africa over the last few weeks, the recent sunny weather has been a very welcome change with many of us enjoying the outdoor weather to the fullest. As seen in the latest footage of the new Waterberg Wild Dog puppies, we haven’t been the only ones enjoying the weather.

With the warm bushveld sun baking the earth, the entire litter of wild dog pups emerged from the den again but this time to enjoy a warm winter’s day, exploring and playing with the whole pack joining in the fun. These cute little balls of fur dug, chewed on twigs and do what all types of puppies do best, terrorize each other! With an endless amount of footage our project partner and official videographer Daviid Swanepoel have put together a bit of footage that shows off some behaviour, interaction and natural instincts kicking in whilst playing. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing a bit of educational information, news and footage of some fascinating and exceptional behaviour rarely captured on film.

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