Waterberg Wild Dog Puppies
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Living in an era of mainly negative reporting, the Waterberg Wild Dogs are creating a fresh breeze of excitement as we can report that the pups are doing well! The alpha female has moved them to a new den only a few meters away, and it seems as if she knew well that a far bigger playground was necessary in trying to drain all the excess energy from these playful little ones! Daily routine now includes more sure-footed games of stalking and chasing one another. While the friendly wrestling develops those tiny muscles and balance, future dominance and hierarchy is also definitely part of the development process. These pup’s future survival will depend largely on the close knitted comradery and bond between all members of the pack, and affection is not only shown between mom and pups, but everyone in the pack regularly check in on the well-being of the pups.

For now, these small pups are enjoying life to the full as they seem to revel in the wonder of life, unaware of the serious challenges facing their survival once older and ready to leave the safety of the den.

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