Wild Dog Puppies Playing
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It seems as if the break in the cold weather is warming up the mood in the den as well!

The pups seem to really enjoy coming out of the den playing in the late winter sun. Although playful, they are very vigilant and aware, and disappear just as quickly into the safety of the den at the hint of any potential danger. Interaction between the pups and the other adult dogs in the pack also seems high on the agenda, as each member of the pack will make time to inspect and get to know each pup from up close. As the days go by, the painted pattern on the skin of the pups also seem to be edged clearer and clearer and the strong genes of the alpha male with his distinct colour patterns seem to be evident in some of the offspring’s. How exiting to witness this very important conservation effort securing the unique genes of the Waterberg Wild Dogs for future generations!

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