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It is with great excitement that we are able to share this footage! Although filming a Wild Dog hunt is regarded by many as the holy grail of wildlife photography and has been as equally elusive to capture. Thus, when our videographer Daviid Swannepoel captured the pack moving towards a herd of Blue wildebeests, everyone held their breath for the possibility of capturing the long-coveted event.

In a way, he managed to capture something even more special. Although the Wild Dog is a carnivore and one of the most efficient hunters, they have gained an unfair and unjust reputation as ruthless killers that only destroy where they find themselves. This stigma has been a main contributor to the exponential drop in their numbers due to them being killed and snared by concerned land owners. Breaking this stigma and mis-information is one of our largest drives and objectives.

This video shows a short standoff between the pack and the herd that shows the calm harmony that exists in this spectacularly beautiful habitat. After a short standoff, and some patient waiting and lying around by the pack, they get up and go for a run followed by a touching moment of play and interaction between members of the pack.

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