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The African Wild Dog is South Africa’s most endangered carnivore and due a lot of incorrect information and misconceptions their future is just as threatened, with The Waterberg Wild Dogs’ future even more so. This pack is not only the last surviving pack in the area but is also the last free-roaming pack of Wild Dogs in South Africa. Furthermore, this group’s uniqueness is underscored by their genes as they have a unique strand of DNA found nowhere else in the world! It is therefore imperative this this pack not only be protected but that the growth of the unique pack takes place. This can only be accomplished through donations, strategic partnerships and awareness. The donations made to the Waterberg Wild Dogs Conservation Project will exclusively be invested and reinvested into projects to ensure that these magnificent ‘Painted Wolves of the Waterberg’, as they are affectionately referred to, are protected and can thrive in the unique Waterberg Biosphere. See below how to make a donation to the waterberg wild dogs:

Ways to Donate

Direct Desposit

Waterberg Wild Dogs Conservation Project
First National Bank
Cheque Account
Account Number: 62772648154


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