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After the news was confirmed that the critically endangered Waterberg Wild Dog had denned, and that the den had been successfully located, the Endangered Wildlife Trust convened a meeting with the denning- and immediately surrounding land owners.

As information was exchanged, the landowners realised that a successful denning could only be successful if the landowners take ownership and responsibility in conserving this genetically unique pack. Following this, the landowners formed a strategic partnership with the EWT and decided to assist by creating a programme that is focused on the farms affected by the denning first. As the ‘denning programme’ is but one step in the right direction, the purpose of the team is to create an initial nucleus of role-players who will then spearhead a movement of co-existence between landowners and the wild dogs. This is therefore not an exclusive team approach but an inclusive team approach which needs to grow as the dogs start migrating again. The Team will have to ensure the total safe passage of the pack for future success.

Our Team

This project belongs to the community of the Waterberg, in proud association with strategic partners, including:

  • Various land owners
  • The Endangered Wildlife Trust
  • The Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment & Tourism
  • The faithful and loyal group of Friends of the Waterberg Wild Dogs
  • Various Professionals including wildlife photographers and videographers, all donating their time and expertise